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Summer’s Approaching Fast: Have You Checked Off Your Home’s To-Do List?

Summer’s a great time to get those projects around the home completed. No matter how big or small the task you’re planning, make sure to start with a check-list so you don’t feel overwhelmed and pulled in too many directions. Sometimes starting with the small things first (like organizing the pantry), and then working your way down the list to the bigger projects (like renovating your kitchen or bath) is an easy way to feel accomplished and clutter-free this summer.

Planning a lengthy vacation? You may want to consider turning on every faucet in your home for a couple minutes, before you leave. Cartridges and o-rings inside the fixtures can dry-out without use; they’re actually designed for the opposite (constant use). You may also want to check the supply lines connected to the faucet, underneath the sinks. Make sure they appear to be in good condition; not cracked, blocked, twisted, etc. This will help your chances of not coming home to a flooded kitchen or bathroom.

Here are some other great suggestions for your home’s to-do list by Laura Gaskill, a Houzz Contributor:


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