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  • Gretchen Hymer

Must Read Before Buying a Fixer-Upper!

With the market starting to recover and property prices increasing, many buyers are scrambling to find those last “post-crash” deals. Luckily, there are still lots of great buys out there when it comes to searching for a home. Often, the best value can be found in a fixer-upper. Although these projects can seem (sometimes) scary, with a few tips you’ll fast track ways to keep more money in your pocket and pay dividends in the future.

1.) Focus on location: A desirable neighborhood will be sought after and increase the value of the home.

2.) Review the condition: A home with cosmetic problems can be difficult to sell and therefore bring the asking price down. (Great for the buyer!) Look for these (fairly) easy fixes. (Also, check out the extensive amount of DIY tutorials on, but as a caution, see #6 below.):

  • Repair or patch walls

  • Paint- exterior and interior, baseboards, cabinets, door hardware, light fixtures, etc.

  • Replace anything broken or missing- faucets*, sinks*, toilets*, light fixtures, cabinets, hardware, windows, doors, etc.

  • Replace or lay down new floors and baseboards

  • Set aside some funds for landscaping as it will update the appearance of the home and create curb appeal

  • Check out this Houzz article by Elizabeth Miller: