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Blindfolded Shopping – Beware the Cons (Literally) When Shopping Online for Plumbing Fixtures

Blindfolded? Absolutely, and most don’t even know it. Unfortunately, folks are completely unaware of the pitfalls of buying plumbing fixtures online, and they get trapped into the so-called “advantages”. Buying online may be wise for some things, or at the very least not too painful if something goes wrong, like when you’re buying shoes or jewelry. But when you’re buying heavy or specialty plumbing fixtures, this is a very risky endeavor.

We’ve had many customers come to us after they’ve purchased plumbing fixtures online, and upon hearing some of the same horror stories over the years, we thought we’d share some of their most common complaints. As many have warned in numerous online articles,

“Buyer Beware when Shopping Online”

1) Your item may not be what you thought you ordered, or may not include all the components you need. Unfortunately, one cannot truly know what’s being purchased online, until they actually receive the item. The item could be exactly as you expected, or way off; it may include all the components you need, or it may not. Descriptions are great, and the more the better, but they can never take the place of knowing for sure.

- Many items are being counterfeited now for online sale. CBS News recently reported that many items purchased thru Amazon are being counterfeited or