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Full Remodel Too Expensive? How About a Kitchen Facelift?

Looking around your now-dated kitchen for the umpteenth time, you wonder, “Has it really always looked this way?” What once was one of your favorite rooms in the house, now looks dingy and outdated. Obviously a full remodel would be great, but may not be feasible budget-wise.

So what about a smaller upgrade?

Giving your kitchen a less expensive facelift can be accomplished by refinishing or even reusing your current cabinets, swapping out the handles and knob hardware, changing the paint on the walls, and maybe even changing out the countertops.

Popping out those well-used countertops would give you the opportunity to replace your old, scratched up sink, and that faucet with the sprayhead that no longer stays in place. It’d be a real value booster to your home, at a much lower cost. You and your family would get many years of enjoyment out of the changes.

To get your creative juices flowing, check out one of Kohler’s inspiration videos on refreshing your kitchen.

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