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Don’t Buy the Wrong Toilet! Tips On Selecting the Right One For You

You just bought that new toilet, and now that it’s in your home, you don’t think it’s the best fit for your family. Oops. Now what? Surprisingly, if your toilet was purchased at a showroom, reputable, long-lasting toilet manufacturers may assist with a one-time swap-out, as a courtesy, but shipping costs are usually out-of-pocket to the customer. Obviously, avoiding the upset of either tolerating a toilet you don’t actually like, or the added shipping or restock costs is definitely best.

Hind-sight is always 20/20.

Let’s go thru some of the basics in shopping for a toilet:

Since all toilets are not made to fit all applications, and since all toilet waste holes are not installed at the exact same measurement, you should measure the space from the wall your toilet backs up to, to the center of the toilet’s bolt holes, which can be found at the floor of the toilet mount.This measurement helps us determine which toilet styles/options are right for